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Everyone loves a bargain, whether they’re buying designer duds, antiques, or collectors’ pieces, and thrift stores seem to hold a universal appeal for those who believe that “one man’s trash is another one’s treasure.” On top of that, the growing concern about clothing waste has more people shopping second hand. The following 10 thrift shop influencers have made a name for themselves by spotting the hidden gems in second-hand stores. Some resell their finds to make a quick profit, others keep their treasures, and still others upsell their pieces with DIY ingenuity to increase their appeal and often, their value.

10 thrift stop influencers who have a good eye for great buys 

Jacob Starr

Jacob is a standout among thrift store shoppers in that he not only knows how to spot vintage clothes, but also make a profit selling them with a markup. Although he’s always loved vintage apparel, he soon found that he could make money to help support his family when both his parents got cancer. He’s particularly fond of vintage T-shirts, Carhartt-brand clothes, and name-brand sneakers.

Jessica Neistadt

Jessica is a master of transforming ugly clothes into something cute and trendy. Her hauls show close-to-home thrifting in Pasadena, California, to international shopping at second-hand shops in the Philippines. But her best thrifting adventure was her birthday trip, when she found Disney-themed pieces to wear on her birthday trip to Disneyland. 

Josh Varnell

Josh and his wife are thrifters, resellers, and YouTubers whose 256K subscribers are treated to his lunch-break thrift store finds that he flips for a profit. His entertaining videos highlight his trips to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, where he somehow manages to find the potential in clothes, shoes, office supplies, sporting goods, and more. Don’t miss his piece about the $40 Goodwill mystery pallet that landed him nearly $500 in profit.

Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah didn’t accumulate 7.13 million subscribers on YouTube from just shopping at thrift stores. She actually purchases items — like recipe boxes, bubble gum machines, and clutches — with the intention to make them over with creative painting choices. Sometimes she actually records herself inside thrift stores looking for items and fans seem to appreciate that she explains her technique, choices, and products for renovating her purchases.

Paul Cantu

Paul refers to himself as “the thrift god” and his 659K subscribers seem to be in agreement. He loves garage sales and finding “sneaker steals” but the real fun is found in his thrift store trips, where he sometimes finds name-brand pieces, like Christian Dior and Nike. He once found 50 vintage t-shirts in one thrift shop. Be sure to check out the $2,000 jacket he found in the thrift store.  

Kristen McGowan

With a bachelor’s in interior design, Kristen has a keen eye for home decor and decorating, but she’s also a DIY pro. She helps her 1.21 million YouTube subscribers decorate on a budget with second-hand finds and offers solid advice on household items that should be purchased from thrift stores. Her keen eye helped her find a dresser for $20 that she restored with a little paint and new hardware and her thrifted Christmas decor haul will leave you wondering why you pay full price for new holiday decorations.

Jesse Durfee

Jesse’s ThriftSchool YouTube channel is dedicated to teaching his 71.5K subscribers how to make money online by thrifting and reselling items on eBay and Amazon and through local sales. His 7-Day Goodwill Challenge took him to the same store every day at the same time for one week to see if he could still be profitable. He was. He’s particularly interested in games, toys, and gaming consoles.


Vegas-based Tiffany shops thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, and discount stores to find items she can resell for a profit on platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Offer-Up. She shares videos of her hauls, as well as reselling tips like how to remove marker pricing from your purchases and how to clean and condition wooden products. Leave it to Tiffany to find a brand new Fitz and Floyd dish — still in the box! 

Haley Israelov

Haley is a fashionista but her wardrobe pieces don’t cost her an arm and a leg, thanks to her thrifting hauls. She also shares advice and ideas with her 735K YouTube subscribers, including “22 Fashion Trends to Thrift in 2022” and “$5 Thrifting Gifts You’ll Want to Give and Love to Get for the Holidays.” If you’re new to shopping at second-hand stores, don’t miss her “Beginner’s Guide to Thrifting” video.

Hannica Rose

For her 38.5K YouTube subscribers, Hannica’s channel is a go-to source for a wide variety of thrifting videos, including how to find Christmas gifts at Goodwill and home decor on a budget. There are also before-and-after videos of thrift store items she makes over, as well as a two-part series on decluttering her kitchen.


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